Our breakfast is typical local Italian breakfast based on fruit, fresh pastry, bread and homemade jams.
We source our produce as much as possible from our own local organic orchards.

Food Experiences, Pottery Classes
and Yoga & Meditation Classes

Mò is the pleasure to inspire yourself and discover things with new eyes.
We work with the most talented artisans in Salento to give you experiences that go beyond the usual course.

Food experience:
this is not just about cooking food. Cooking is all about ingredients. Come and join us in selecting fresh ingredients from local fishermen, butchers, markets and of course produce from our own gardens. Learn how to choose your ingredients and of course how to prepare a delicious meal.
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Pottery classes:
Chiara and Gio’ are running classes at our premises so there’s no need to rush to another place, no need for transportation and of course there’s no space for stress. Chiara and Gio’ have travelled the globe for many years to restore buildings and produce their ceramics and have recently returned to their home soil packed with experiences and passion.
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Yoga and meditation classes:
What better setting could you have to relax than in the many beautiful spots at Mo’. If in the garden, pool side or roof top there are great spots at our estate to follow yoga and meditation classes.
If you are interest in any of the above please get in touch with us. We are running many other sessions such as cycling trip, vespa tours - just hit us up!
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Masseria Mò is 50 minutes away from the Aereoporto del Salento in Brindisi. We can arrange a transfer from and to the airport in a luxury van with all sort of comforts. We can also organise transfers to the main cities and beaches of Salento.
Please, let us know if you will need this service at the moment of the reservation.