Why Mò

Waking up in the morning without any restraints. Drinking your coffee not knowing what’s coming next. Deciding what to do as things come up. That’s the meaning of Mò.
In Salento, Mò defines the now. For us it’s a way of life.

Who we Are

Nestled within a private land of 3 hectares with olive groves, palm trees and an abundance of fruit trees, Mò is a modern masseria in the countryside of Galatina. Born from the love of Italian beauty and the taste for simple things, this farmhouse dating back to the 18th century, has been renovated and extended around a central garden. The main building of the masseria welcomes the dining room, a place to relax beyond eating house, where people can enjoy its warmth and breathe a spirit of community. Masseria Mò takes what’s best from the architecture of Puglia and brings it to the future. A crossroad of cultures, merging elegant italian design with the love of simplicity
Masseria Mò hat nach Meinung der Welt am Sonntag das schönste Zimmer der Welt. According to the Welt am Sonntag Masseria Mò has the most beautiful room in the world
Mò, Puglia’s Masseria of the Moment - Elle Decor featuring Mò as a refuge of comfort and design.
Giorgia at Masseria Mò. Giorgia, one of Italy’s biggest pop starts chose Masseria Mò for the location of the video to the song “scelgo ancora te”. All scenes were shot at Mò, ranging from communal areas, rooms and, swimming pool and garden.
Masseria Mò in Il Sole 24 Ore. Taking a low cost flight, arriving to Puglia where temperatures are lovely even at the end of the season, guaranteeing another wonderful vacation when you think that winter has already hit. Discover beaches, landmarks and many other numerous spots when the usual summer vacation crowds are gone is priceless. Stay at the elegant and modern Masseria Mò for an unforgettable vacation.